* Martin Quigley, for many years a representative farmer of Greenfield Township, was born in Nanagh, County Tipperary, Ireland, in 1831, son of Michael and Judith (O'Donoghue) Quigley, with whom and other members of the family came to America in 1853, and to Wabasha County in 1855. He achieved success as a farmer and respect as a citizen, and died May 24, 1887. Shortly after his arrival here he married Ellen RYAN, who was born in Limerick, Ireland, in 1843, and came to this county in 1856. Mr. and Mrs. Quigley were the parents of seven children.



*born: 1831 Nanagh County Tipperary Ire

*married: 29 May 1862 St Felix Wabasha Mn

*died:24 May 1887 St Felix Wabasha Mn

*father: Michael Quigley

*mother: Judith O'Donoghue


born:04 July 1843 Limerick Ireland

died: 14 Feb 1919 St Felix Wabasha Mn.

~father:Michael Sr. (Patrick?) RYAN

~mother: Mary O'Brien



1) Edward Quigley

~born: 15 January 1863



*Farms in Anoka county


2) Mary Quigley

~born: 12 May 1864 Wabasha Mn


Spouse: Daniel KINSELLA

* farmer in Oakwood Township Wabasha


3) Julia Quigley

~born: 16 Sept 1867

~died: 14 Oct 1919 Redwing Mn.

married: 14 Nov 1894 St Felix Wabasha Mn.

Spouse: Frank J. SCHENACH

*machinist Red Wing Mn


4) John Patrick

~born: 05 July 1869

died: 31 Aug 1943

married: 15 Jan 1907

~Spouse: Minnie WEHRENBURG

*owns farm in Wright County


5) Martin Phillip QUIGLEY

~born: 17 Aug 1872


~Spouse: Grace WOODS

*railroad agent in Mont., is now in oil distributing business Pasadena Cal


6) Stephen Michael Quigley

~born: 03 Dec. 1875 Greenfield Township Wabasha, Mn

~died:19 Jan 1949 St Felix Wabasha Mn.

spouse: Mary C. O' LEARY

*postmaster journalist educator banker Wabasha County


7) Micheal John QUIGLEY

born: 17 Nov. 1876




8) Honora (Nora) QUIGLEY *follows my line*

born: 28 Oct 1879

died: 28 Aug 1961 St Felix Wabasha Mn.

married: 17 June 1914

SPOUSE: Morris WHEELER *follows my line*

*Information taken from "History of Wabasha County" 1910 Book


~Information taken from St Felix Church family group record.


Also at St Felix Cemetery in Wabasha Mn. I found the following information

Ellen Quigley - Mother


Martin Quigley - Father


the following had no dates

Baby Quigley

Arthur Quigley

Edward Quigley

Nora Wheeler Quigley