Thomas Jacob SIMON **Direct Line**

Born 30 Jan 1873

Reads Landing Mn

Married: 9 June 1896

Wabasha Mn

Died 2 June 1956

Mpls Mn

Father: Theodore William SIMON

Mother Mary Ellen MALLOY


Born 11 July 1876

Turners Junction W. Chicago

Died 10 Nov 1944

Mpls Mn

Father:Thomas WHEELERDirect Line

Mother:Jane WELCH


1. Thomas Jefferson SIMON "Direct Line"

Born 15 Aug 1898

Wabasha Mn.

Died 26 March 1969

place Mpls Mn

Spouse Hattie STENHAMMER

2. William SIMON

Born 30 Nov 1900

Wabasha Mn

Died ABT 1901

Wabasha St Felix Cem

Spouse None

3. Maria SIMON

Born 16 Dec 1903


Died 26 Feb 1982

St Paul Resurrection Cemetery

Spouse Anton PETERSON

4. Edward SIMON

Born 7 Sept 1906


Died 20 June 1971

Mpls Crystal Lake Cem

Spouse Living






5. Jane SIMON

Born: 12 June 1909

Wabasha Mn

Died May 1986

place Mpls

Spouse None

6. Margaret SIMON

Born 31 Oct 1911


Died May 1987


Spouse William SEIVER

born 03 March 1898

died June 1952

Mpls. Mn.

Lakewood Cemetery

No Children

This is where our SIMON family meets the WHEELER'S (finally)

Thomas Simon and Catherine (Kate) Wheeler married in 1896 in Wabasha Mn.

Thomas was a first class cabinet maker and his work can be seen in the government buildings in Wabasha and neighboring Lake City Mn.

Thomas and Kate had six children and according to their daughter Jane "our" Aunt Jane..the family was a very close one and physical discipline in the home was never used...Jane remembered a time when they were given a hammock by their parents..the two youngest fought so much over it, that their mother took it back to the store

The family went to dog and pony shows when they were in town and an exciting time was going to see Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Most of the family clothes were made on a treadle sewing machine (Singer) and some things including food items were ordered from the Sears catalog..these items came from Chicago..and of course the catalog was used for TP for the out house!! A special treat were red bandandas which cost a nickel or small dolls whose arms were wired to the body were 2 for a quarter.

Everything was canned...sugar and flour were bought in 100 pound bags..the family had a garden..the meat was bought at the local meat shop and all cooking was done on a wood stove.

Chicken and dumpling were a family favorite and Thomas always had a marble cake for his birthday.

Some home cures for a sickness were goose grease for aches and pains..rock candy dipped in whiskey, was given to those with sore throats and to cure colds..mother would put cooked onions in cloth and place this one your would keep everyone far enough away so they wouldn't catch your germs!

The family christmas tree was trimmed with popcorn and homemade decorations and a bucket of water was always near by for when the candles were year Jane remembers her father Thomas made her a child size buffet and her mother Kate made out of an "Old Joe" flour sack a table cloth for it and Kate had embrodiered it...each child got a Christmas sock with an orange, apple, and assorted nuts in it..and a very special present was a bottle of strawberry pop

In 1921 Thomas and Catherine moved to mpls..progress was slow in coming to Wabasha and jobs were hard to find..the family bought a house at 2413 16th Ave S. Mpls for $2,800..the house has since been torn down...