Mrs. Jacob Simon Passes to her Reward After Many Years Suffering

After many years of patient suffering; Mrs Jacob Simon passed away Wednesday night.

Mrs Simon, whose maiden name was Anna SCHILL, was born in Baden, Germany, 1836. She came to America when, a young woman and located at St. Paul. A year later, in 1862, she was married to Mr Simon at Shieldsville and at once they made a home on a farm where they raised a family of six children, two sons and four daughters,

Twenty-two years ago Mrs. Simon suffered a stroke of paralysis and from that time she has had to have the constant attention of her devoted husband and family, being almost entirely helpless. Nearly eight years ago, her condition was rendered most critical by a second stroke and from that time she has reired the constant care and attention of helping hands. Last Monday, while sitting in a reclining chair she received a third stroke and from the effects of which she never regained consciousness. Death came to her relief Wednesday night at nine-thirty o'clock.

During the twenty two years of suffering she has had everything that loving hands and gentle care could give and despite of her condition she was ever thoughful of those around and bore her sufferings with true christian fortitude.

The funeral will be held this morning at half past ten 0'clock from the Hazelwood Catholic church of which she was a member.

Source: Northfield News Sept 10, 1904

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